Douglas M. Kamoga

Hi there! I’m Douglas Kamoga, an urban design enthusiast passionate about crafting vibrant, sustainable communities through innovative design solutions. With expertise in 3D town and city modelling, sustainable mobility planning, and graphic design, I’ve dedicated myself to elevating urban living through innovative design, sustainable practices, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

My journey spans years of immersive experience, fueling my commitment to pushing the boundaries of urban development. I thrive on creating transformative 3D designs and strategic transport planning initiatives that breathe life into urban landscapes.

When I’m not immersed in shaping future cityscapes and communities, I find joy in fostering the next generation’s interest in urban design through mentorship and educational initiatives. I believe in empowering the youth to envision and craft the cities of tomorrow.

Welcome to my portfolio—a space where creativity meets purpose, and where I aim to showcase the power of design in shaping tomorrow’s cities.

Professional Skills

Autodesk AutoCad
2D Drafting / Map Production 78%
Autodesk Civil 3D
Advanced 2D / 3D Drafting 60%
Autodesk Revit
Advanced 2D / 3D Drafting 35%
Autodesk Infraworks
3D Modeling 75%
Map Production / Data Analysis 55%
3D Modeling 70%
3D Modeling / Visualization 48%
3D Rendering 76%
Adobe Graphics Suite
3D Modeling 64%
Completed Projects
0 +
Ha Planned & Modelled
0 +
Satisficed clients
0 +
Years of experience
0 +

Written Works

Trusted By Big Brands

The Urban Mobility Challenge: Reclaiming City Streets Through Tactical Urbanism.

A Stride towards achieving efficient and sustainable transportation systems in Kampala. A Case of Channel Street - Kampala.

A Stride towards achieving efficient and sustainable transportation systems.

An investigation into the perceptions people have towards walking on Kampala city streets and thereafter suggest recommendations ...


 “Good service is good business.”

My architecture is easy to understand and enjoy, I hope it also is hard to forget. – Oscar Niemeyer

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